For the OPD participants, we reserved rooms at the following hotels

With the reservation code OPD2020 the following prices are secured:

1 person 91€/night
2 persons 111€/night

The rooms quote will be gradually freed if not reserved: 25% of the unreserved rooms will be freed at 25.3, 50% of the rooms at 24.4. The rest at 10.5. So please reserve your rooms as soon as it is possible for you.

The reservation should be done by phone or email directly through the hotel sales service. When booking, remember to use the reservation code (event ID) “OPD2020” to guarantee the special price listed above. The code could not be used through the hotel online system (hotel restrictions), only by phone or email.
The sales service is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00
tel. +358 20 1234600, email:

Omena Hotel Turku

With the reservation code OPD2020 up to 150 reservations which lock the current price (69€/night) until 30.3.2020. It is the same price as currently online, but the online price might keep rising if the code is not used.

1 room one persons 69 €/night
1 room two persons 69 €/night

The reservations should be done directly through the hotel service

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