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Forest&Photonics 2017

2017-20-09 - 2017-21-09



Forest&Photonics gathers together top photonics and bio economy experts

Forest&Photonics is the international event which brings together businesses, academia and developers to share new technological solutions, challenges and opportunities in the fields of photonics and forestry. This internationally acclaimed event will be hosted for the third time in the unique scenery of Koli National Park, Finland which offers the best networking possibilities combined with great evening program including relaxing spa, dinner, jazz and much more!

Venue for Forest&Photonics 2017 will be at Sokos Hotel Break Koli, Yläkolintie 39, Koli National Park, Finland, on 20th and 21st of September 2017.

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Themes for Forest&Photonics 2017


09:45 Registration and coffee

10:00 Opening the Forest & Photonics 2017

  • Executive Director of Economic Development and Growth Mikko Härkönen, City of Joensuu

10:10 Keynote speech

  • Director Jaakko Kuusisaari, Tieto Corporation, Wood and Fibre Solutions

11:00 Forest Data

  • LIDAR forest inventory data: application for optimizing road construction and wood procurement costs, CTO Vesa Leppänen, Arbonaut Ltd
  • VR, AR and virtual forest, Development Manager Veikko Miettinen, Joensuu Science Park
  • Operational low-cost tree-wise forest inventory using multispectral cameras mounted on drones, Eugene Lopatin, Natural Resources Institute of Finland
  • DataBio forestry pilot component Wuudis Service interfaces with multiple big data sources making forestry management and data sharing easy, Seppo Huurinainen, MHG Systems Oy Ltd

12:20 Lunch break and demonstrators

13:40 Photonics Future Technologies, part 1

  • Novel hyperspectral imaging for field use, CTO Jouni Jussila, Specim
  • Assigning tree and wood quality for hyperspectral imaging, Markku Keinänen, UEF
  • Imaging for wood quality control, Marcos X. Álvarez Cid, Enterprise and Galician University Foundation – FEUGA
  • Photonics measurement technologies for wood industry, Jere Heikkinen, Finnos Ltd

15:00 Coffee break and demonstrators (check in to rooms)

15.40 Photonics Future Technologies, part 2

  • High effiency LED lighting based on rotating molecules, Mikko Linnonlahti, UEF
  • Future photonics measurement applications in Forest industry, Pasi Karppinen, ProtoRhino

16.20 Keynote speech
Research Professor Ali Harlin, VTT, Bioprocessing of Renewable Natural Materials

17:00 Evening program and demonstrators

  • Sunset at Ukko-Koli viewpoint
  • Sokos Hotel Break Spa

20:00 Finnish Cuisine buffet with live jazz and networking




10.00 Photonics Future Technologies, part 3

  • Augmented reality in industry use, Antti Sunnari, Dispelix Ltd
  • Improving efficiency through gaze tracking, Roman Bednarik, UEF 

10:50 Smart Machines, part 1

  • Photonics solutions for smart machines, Kimmo Solehmainen, VTT
  • Smartphone application and intuitive map-based web interface for Forest transportation, Markus Melander, Vionice Ltd.

11:30 Lunch break and demonstrators

12.40 Smart Machines, part 2

  • Forest and tree measurements from forest machine, Arto Visala, Aalto University, Mikko Miettinen, Argone Ltd.
  • Needs for plywood manufacture: measurement of veneer surface quality, Tomi Virolainen, Plytec Oy
  • 3D/4D Precision forestry, Markus Holopainen, University of Helsinki

13.40 Coffee and demonstrators

14.00 Smart Machines, part 3

  • Predicting inner quality of Scots pine logs during harvesting, Jukka Antikainen, Natural Resources Institute of Finland
  • Building ecosystems to drive economic growth across Forest & Photonics using examples from other Nordic industries & regions, Patrick Halford, IBM

14:50 Summary and conclusion of the F&P 2017

  • Announcing the Forest&Photonics 2018

15:30 The bus leaves to Joensuu Airport


Demo presentation during the event in 20th and 21st. 

  • Virtual Forest, Oasis Game Incubator and Joensuu Games OSK, Joensuu Science Park
  • Sm4rtLab augmented reality environment, UEF and Process Genius Ltd

Joensuu Science Park Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the programme.


See the full program here.

Registration to the Forest&Photonics 2017

The event is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Remember to make your registration 8th of September 2017 at the latest.

Make your registration here.


Information about the hotel and reservation here.

The special rates for the rooms will be announced closer to the event.



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