Spectral Engines Oy

Spectral Engines Oy

Spectral Engines Oy is a high-tech company set to revolutionize spectral sensing by offering spectrometer performance at sensor price point. Our sensors will open new opportunities in the fields such as process spectroscopy, agriculture, food & beverage and gas sensing.

All materials have spectral fingerprints that are extremely well characterized, but often measured only in the lab because until now their measurement required large and expensive speciality instruments. We want to replace these large instruments with our patented low-cost MEMS based Spectral Sensors, creating smaller, smarter, robust and cost-effective sensors with high performance.

Spectral Engines’ novel technology originates from years of research done at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, now developed to a full industrial-grade sensor.


Janne Suhonen
Tel. +358 40 7023285
Mail. Janne.Suhonen@spectralengines.com