Forest&Photonics professional event was bigger than ever!

Friday October 26th, 2018
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Forest&Photonics 2018 gathered forestry, forest machinery and photonics technology experts from Finland and abroad for two day conference held in Koli National Park, Finland. This year themes were drones and lidar-technologies which are significant for the development of robotics and automation. For example photonics based lidar-technologies are more and more important for forestry and are used for example controlling the forest fires and for forest inventory. Also different measuring and display solutions are becoming more common for example HUD displays in forestry machines.

Now fourth time arranged Forest&Photonics was a big success with more than 120 forestry and photonics experts and over 60 companies. The event had brilliant and profound presentations which proved that these two sectors has a lot to offer for each other. 100% of the event participants recommends Forest&Photonics for other experts of these fields.

Forest&Photonics is important base for providing expert level information but also for creating new networks and 95% of participants found new potential collaboration partner during the event. Upcoming event is already highly anticipated because even 92% are going to participate in Forest&Photonics 2019 which will be held in 7th – 8th of October 2019 – Koli National Park, Finland.

Forest&Photonics is part of the Joensuu growth agreement and are organized by Joensuu Science Park with Photonics Finland.