Early Stage Researcher (Doctoral Student) positions, SCITECO

Temporary University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Science and Forestry

We are now inviting applications for 28 early-stage researcher positions in the doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Science and Forestry. The positions will be filled as from 1 January 2022. Submit your application no later than 5 May 2021 (https://www.uef.fi/en/open-positions).

Doctoral education is offered in the Doctoral Programme in Science, Technology and Computing (SCITECO), which combines science with computational analysis and technology to form a multidisciplinary programme. The computational component includes computing sciences, mathematics, and computational physics and inverse problems. The science and technology component combines photonics, chemistry, and medical physics and technology.

The early-stage researcher (doctoral student) positions will be filled as of 1 January 2022. According to the University Regulations of the University of Eastern Finland, early-stage researcher positions are always filled for a fixed term. A trial period is applied to new holders of a position. 

The main duty of the early-stage researcher is to complete their doctoral dissertation in the Faculty of Science and Forestry at the University of Eastern Finland in accordance with their approved research proposal. The objective is to complete the doctoral degree in a maximum of four years of full-time work. The maximum duration of the doctoral student position is four years. For this period of time the earlier contracts of early-stage researcher will be taken account as well.

To apply for this job please visit www.uef.fi.