Master’s Thesis intern

Temporary Vantaa, Finland Vaisala Oyj

Vaisala is looking for a student to do a Master’s Thesis Work in a 6 month full time work contract at Vantaa office to assess the performance of photonics components in remote road weather measurement. The work could be started already at 1st of March.

Your task is to set-up and operate the needed experiments, collect measurement data, derive a method for road state detection and analyze it’s performance. You will work hands-on with an existing optical road weather sensor prototype, laboratory equipment and reference data sets. In addition to conducting empirical measurements of road surface states and analyzing data; you would also develop algorithms to derive the road state from the data.  Finally you’ll assess the performance and measurement uncertainties of the method.

We offer prototype sensor and the framework for a measurement setup to study the phenomenon. You are mentored by experts who have experience in optical road state sensor development. This is a possibility to put your optics and data science competences to real use, using actual engineering technologies and scientific methods.

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