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Hypermemo Oy was established in 2009 and had a new start in 2014 after invention of the fundamentally novel CO2 laser.

Our innovation is backed by 20+ years of scientific research and development in the field of high-power lasers. It provides around 15x excess of the peak power over the average power, with a pulse frequency of 10-60 kHz and a pulse duration of 200-400 ns. The ability to provide up to 200W stable output power in the short-pulsed regime makes our lasers unique. This allows converting our CO2 laser into a highly versatile tool for brittle materials processing.

GLASER™ technology utilizes our unique patented CO2 laser installed on the linear axis machine enabling 3D glass machining.

GLASER™ transforms the traditional industrial process, as cutting, chamfering, surface treatment, marking and engraving are now consecutively performed with a single all-in-one laser tool on a single table.

All our R&D and product development activities are done in Joensuu, Finland. 

Contact information
HyperMemo Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan 
Phone: +358 40 846 8673
Jukolankatu 18C
80160 Joensuu, Finland