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Kasve is a modern company focused on developing business in the health and tech industry with versatile competence and whose clients include companies in health technology and diagnostics, laboratories and CxO organisations, and public sector operators. Our services include expert, training and digital services.

Just like our motto says, our clients are our heroes and we want to grow together with them. We are passionate about helping health & tech organisations grow their competence and develop and commercialise their products with individual and societal significance. We promise to work persistently to solve the challenges our clients may have.

We provide our clients with in-depth competence in regulations and quality management together with our strong business development expertise, a combination unique in our industry. Bringing together the competence of our experts ensures that your product will be introduced to the market as soon and cost-effectively as possible.

Our services are scalable and suitable to commercialisation projects by research groups and major market leaders in the industry alike – and everything in between. Whatever the case, we always put the person whose work we wish to support and make easier at the core of our services.

Kasve Oy
Puijonkatu 23 (Sektori, 2 krs.)
70110 Kuopio, Finland
+358 10 574 0848