NomiCam is specialized in getting the best image quality out of our clients’ camera products.

Our services include image quality testing, image quality tuning as well as providing testing and calibration methods for new camera features. NomiCam is equipped with state-of-the-art camera test laboratories powered by NomiCam Mobile Imaging Playground (MIP) software.

NomiCam is a growing, independent and founder-led company. Our in-house team consists of experts with strong background from camera R&D and production, including many industry firsts, like verification of 41MP sensor and optical image stabilizer in miniature cameras. ​

Whether you want to measure image quality parameters, optical image stabilization performance, dual LED flash, thermal performance, EMC or anything else from your imaging system, we got you covered. We can do the measurements for you or we can provide you a perfect automated system to do the measurement yourself.