Optonyx AB provides photonics components and systems for Scandinavian customers.

Optonyx supplies the OEM industry and research with precision optics, optical filters and high quality lasers. Optonyx provides micro-optics, lenses, prisms, mirrors, filters, windows, beamsplitters, infrared optics etc. Optonyx also supplies HeNe lasers, Ar-Ion lasers, DPSS lasers and diode lasers as well as laser protection products and nano positioning and measurement systems.

Optonyx strives to be a leading source for all types of precision optics, bioanalytical optical filters, lasers and nanopositioning for the OEM industry in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Since September 2018, OPTONYX is a part of a group of companies, with Tillquist Group AB as the mother company, a Swedish based distributor of high-quality products and systems (measuring electricity, flow, position, pressure, temperature etc.) with +20 MEUR net sales and +40 employees.