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Pixpolar has developed a new revolutionary image sensor technology based on patented MIG (Modified Internal Gate) pixel architecture and delivering superior low light image quality when compared to any other image sensor technology.

The manufacturing of MIG image sensors is compatible to existing CMOS processes enabling the readout and digital logic circuitry as well as the MIG pixel matrix to be incorporated into the same chip.

Pixpolar’s selected image sensor products are focused on the 1/3-inch optical format which is most common e.g. in Security & Surveillance. Pixpolar’s image sensors can be utilized both in common 1/3 and 1/2.7-inch format.

Pixpolar’s MIG image sensor technology enables unprecedented identification capability due to low cross-talk and high Quantum Efficiency (QE) for Near Infra-Red (NIR) light as well as due to the fact that MIG sensor cannot be distracted with bright light sources. For further information please refer to Pixpolar’s leaflet on Security & Surveillance.

Image Sensor for Security & Surveillance

In Security & Surveillance it is critical that identification of objects and people are not jeopardized due to to high crosstalk (causing blur) and/or interference (causing glare). Currently used low light optimized outdoor Security & Surveillance cameras suffer from several shortcomings leading to poor image quality like poor low light identification and/or having no immunity to interference. Pixpolar’s image sensors overcome these problems, opening a major business opportunity. Combining visible and Near Infra-Red light, Pixpolar’s image sensors provide unprecedented image sharpness, immunity to interference, and low noise in low light conditions. The technological advantages of MIG image sensor technology enable up to 2 times higher maximum detection range when compared to the current state of the art S&S image sensors. Because of this additional major benefit is that 50 % less Pixpolar’s image sensor equipped cameras are required for achieving the same identification capacity leading to direct savings on installation and maintenance costs. The technology is easily adopted to current manufacturing lines and production costs are essentially equivalent to current technologies.

Second phase products

  • Scientific / Space
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Maritime
  • Commercial applications e.g. DSLR

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