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Rockley Photonics

Formed in 2013, Rockley Photonics has developed a highly versatile, application specific, third-generation silicon photonics platform specifically designed for the optical integration challenges facing numerous mega-trend markets. Rockley has partnered with multiple tier-1 customers across the markets it serves to deliver the complex optical systems required for transformational product realization.

Rockley’s ground-breaking short-wave infrared (SWIR) biosensing solution unlocks unique spectra-based biomarkers enabling insights into personal health and well-being. Founded by an incredible team with a vision to change all our lives, Rockley’s technology platform enables continuous monitoring of critical biomarkers through a wearable device.

By miniaturizing the capabilities of lab-based spectroscopy equipment, our photonics-based solutions look into the body non-invasively to continuously measure vital health biomarkers and provide a rich health fingerprint of an individual.

Contact information
Rockley Photonics
234 E Colorado Blvd. | Suite 600 | Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone +1 626-304-9960