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Our experts are committed to support customers to secure public funding, find partners for collaboration and make an impact with groundbreaking projects. Digitalisation and sustainability are driving the need for our customers to renew and grow through innovation. These customers range from the most disruptive large enterprises to the smartest growth companies throughout Europe.

Spinverse is the forerunner in bringing together large company-led R&D projects and ecosystems. Since the founding of Spinverse in 2004, the total size of our project portfolio has been over 4.2 B€ and we have helped our customers receive over 500 M€ in EU funding. As much as 75 per cent of our revenue come from ecosystem projects and the rest from SMEs and public sector clients. We work across many industry segments, focusing on areas where there is public funding to stimulate innovation.

Our team has over 60 international professionals in Finland and abroad. Over 10 of us have doctorate degrees and to date, there are also 10 different nationalities. These people have a unique combination of innovation consulting, leadership, and project management skills coupled with vast industry and technology knowledge in our focus segments: bioeconomy, built environments, defence, electronics, energy, health, ICT, manufacturing, maritime, mining, smart cities & mobility, space and robotics.