Pitching on New business from research ideas, Wednesday, 31.5.2017, in industrial session at 11:00-12:30

Tekes funds projects by research organisations involving preparations for the commercialisation of an idea, such as innovation searches, the determination of customer value or other analyses, as well as projects involving applied research.  https://www.tekes.fi/en/funding/research_organisations/new-business-from-research-ideas/

Several photonics related research teams will pitch their technology/product/service case looking for, e.g., partners, technologies, potential customers, applications, and value propositions.

After the session at Lunch Break (12:30-13:30) attendees have a possibility to continue discussions with the teams.

Chair: Raine Hermans, Tekes

Hannu Laine: ”Black Silicon Photodiodes”
Our product is a black silicon induced-junction photodiode. Our photodiode exhibits a near-unity (>96%) quantum efficiency from the ultra violet (UV) regime up to the band gap of silicon. Our device also operates steadily at high incident angles of up to 70°. The superb response is achieved by nanostructuring the surface to eliminate reflectance losses and realizing the collecting junction by depositing conformal alumina with high negative charge density.

Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen: “Diaqsen – Diagnostic solutions for personalized healthcare”

Our team of experts has developed a Point-of-Care diagnostic system that is based on low cost test strips and proprietary inexpensive mobile reader device. It can be used for quantitative measurement of biomarkers enabling accurate and fast diagnostics of multiple diseases and conditions. Our approach is directed first to the medical professionals, but it can also be developed to fulfill the future needs of health conscious consumers. The first direct application is measurement of blood CRP-value, which is commonly used as an indicator of inflammation in the body. The versatile optical reader device design can be configured to cover several other biological markers either on separate test strips or on a single strip containing multiple tests.

Janne Laukkanen: “OPTI-PRO – Nanohybrid lens with integrated nanostructures for professional industrial applications”

We combine traditional optics and micro-optics to produce new functionality and to enhance the performance of current lenses. 3D printing of optics enables free-form lens designs and together with micro-optics, they offer unique possibilities.

Ville Kaikkonen: ”ICEMET – Icing condition management”

Icing of structures in cold climates is a safety risk and causes costs and production losses in energy production and transfer. Our team has developed a new image based sensor to determine the existence and the severity of icing conditions in cold climates. By the use of the ICEMET-system for example in wind energy production, new type of proactive measures to increase annual production are made possible.

Roman Bednarik: “Eye-tracking close to the eye”
We have a long expertise in applied eye-tracking. We developed a real-time eye-tracking solution that is robust, small, stable, and fast, with focus on close-to-the-eye environments. Our core software and hardware technologies can be embedded in part or as a whole into a range of applications, including medical, military, and VR/AR. Customized eye-tracking solutions can help industries to gain new knowledge of their users to optimize their behavior.