The optics & Photonics Days academic conference program consists of submitted contributions as well as invited talks, plenary speakers, panel discussions and other related activity. Industrial program does not have submitted contributions but the industrial programm committee organizes the industrial session independently. Academic sessions include oral presentations and poster presentations for which you may submit your abstract for review by the programm committee and additional expert reviewers.

Typografical instructions for the submissions are listed in the abstract template, which is available in Microsoft Word -format and LaTeX-format. Maximum lenght for the abstract is 1 page. The templete for submission is availabe here: Submission template for OPD.

The abstract are to be submitted in the conference registration and submission portal at Minimum requirements for submission are

  • Submission type selecte (prefered oral or poster presentation),
  • All authors, email addresses and organizations; list of authors must be identical to the submitted pdf-file,
  • Title of Contribution,
  • Short summary of the work (max 300 characters), and
  • Topic selected from the list that best suit your submission


Abstract submission deadline is listed the OPD-conference main page.