Invited industrial speakers

Invited Industrial speakers

Juha Leskinen, Noptel: “TOF LIDAR needs and applications”

Founded in 1982, the Finnish company Noptel specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative optoelectronic products comprising its technological know-how in the measurement of distance and position. Since 2011 Noptel Oy has been a subsidiary of FN Herstal, an integral part of Herstal Group. The Noptel company has a strong focus on technology expertise. The company’s core competence relies on know-how dedicated to exploiting three optoelectronic measurement technologies, which are: – Fast distance measurement based on laser pulse travel time (near field dynamic applications); – Cumulative distance measurement based on laser pulse travel time (long-distance measurements); – Position and motion measurement (light beam position detection)

Mari Tenhunen, Timegate Instruments Ltd“From minerals sensing to mining intelligence”

Timegate Instruments Ltd has a strong scientific background and extensive knowledge in R&D and innovation. The founder team has developed and patented the Timegated® Raman innovation which they have also commercialized. This multi-talented team has a lot of experience in spectroscopy, research, pharmaceuticals, mining, PAT and data applications. Timegate wants to spread the joy of time-gating and ensure that is available for all who want to get more out of their material analysis. They help to accelerate customer material research, solve complex analytical challenges and increase customer’s productivity. Timegate’s mission is to help the consumer with making the world healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Juha Roininen, Sapotech: “Optical measurements in high-temperature process environment”

Based in Finland, Sapotech offers breakthrough solutions to the metals industry, combining unique image processing and laser technologies to inspect the production of metals at all temperatures. All Sapotech’s solutions are designed to be compact, easy to maintain and customize, and with a short payback time. Sapotech’s IoT-based Reveal platform enables real-time visualization, acquisition and storing of large amounts of production data. The company technology is widely used in the steel, aluminum, ferrochromium, nickel and copper industries. Company’s mission is to enhance their customers’ production capacity and quality by revealing never-before-seen details of their processes.

Wolfgang Heni, Polariton Technologies Ltd: “Polariton Technologies: Electro-optic modulation beyond 100 GHz on the silicon platform”

Polariton Technologies has its headquarters in Zürich. Polariton Technologies – The world’s fastest and smallest electro-optic modulators

Philipp Dietrich, Vanguard Automation GmbH: “3D-Nanoprinting of Freeform Lenses and Photonic Wirebonds: From lab to Fab”

The company offers machines and processes for 3D nano-printing in the field of photonic integration and packaging. Company’s solutions cover the full range from small-scale prototyping to fully automated mass production. The technology has been researched at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for almost one decade. Vanguard Automation GmbH was founded in 2017 as a joint venture of Vanguard Photonics GmbH and ficonTEC Service GmbH.

Jyrki Huttunen, Oplatek: “Molded glass optics manufacturing in high volumes

Oplatek is the leading North-European solution provider in the field of photonics with over 30 years of experience. Oplatek is specialized in manufacturing specialty optical fibers and capillaries, molded glass components, thin film coatings, precision mechanics, and optical assemblies for various industries. By combining fields of expertise, Oplatek can offer customers a full chain of service from design to serial production.

Dr. Olli Herranen, Millog: “Aspherical lens production and MRF technology”

Millog is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and provides defense materiel life-cycle support to the Finnish Army. This includes maintenance and material services for platforms and systems related to non-armored and armored vehicles, electronic systems, as well as modifications and installations for all systems. Millog participates in the Finnish Army’s materiel projects, based on the company’s expertise in land forces.

Dr. Stefan Krey, Trioptics: “High precision optical system assembly and qualification”

Optical systems have changed the world. And they will continue to do so. TRIOPTICS is significantly involved in this process. Trioptics has the largest spectrum of optical measurement technology and supply test systems for R&D and Production for every manufacturing step in optics: From a system for refractive index measurement, via various lens test systems with an autocollimator as measurement head, up to MTF test systems and camera module testers, they can supply the appropriate optical measurement system for every process step.

Dr. Lars Rymell, Eclipse Optics: “Engineering Light – Some industrial applications of optics and photonics

Eclipse Optics work with companies to create specialized solutions in optics and photonics that increase value and cut cost.