Start-up pitch

There is a start-up pitch session is organized on Wednesday 29th from 15:15 to 16:15.

The purpose of the event is to bring photonics SMEs, TUTLI projects, and Startup companies and giving them a floor to pitch among the audience of OPD2019 which already collects more than 185 registrations. If you want to attend, please make your registration using contact details below not later than 24th of May 2019.

The registered and confirmed speakers (each speaker will have 5 minutes + 2 minutes for questions):


SAFTIR is an unique highly sensitive optical transducer technology platform for rapid point-of-need diagnostics tests on-field and on-farm. The market entry focus is in AgroFoodTech, food safety and animal health. Technology is patented by VTT.

Presenter: Mikko Utriainen, VTT



PillarHall accelerates the growth of Finland-based and 2018 Millennium Prize awarded ALD-technology. Our product is an unique consumable Lateral High Aspect Ratio Test Chip for ultra thin film conformality characterization. The market focus is microelectronics and semicon B2B.

Presenter: Mikko Utriainen, VTT


Xfold imaging Oy

Xfold imaging Oy is a solution provider that provides up to 100-fold signal enhancement for biomedical imaging applications using nano-structured glass slides. Xfold imaging Oy is a start-up company based on cutting edge technology developed at Aalto University and University of Helsinki. Xfold Imaging’s innovative solutions enable the study of cellular structures and bio-molecules (lipids, proteins, etc.) at nano-scale resolution that previously has not been possible. Xfold Imaging solutions have great potential for furthering excellence in biomedical research, early diagnosis, drug development, etc.

Presenter: Timo Jäntti and Nagarajan Subramaniyam



SurfaCell is a new cuvette allowing in standard spectrophotometer most of the surface-based measurements such as absorption, SPR, BSW.

Presenter: Matthieu Roussey


A-Photonics is a TUTLI project looking to commercialize its disruptive ultrafast fiber laser technology. Our innovation enables for the first time active mode-locked fiber lasers in technologically important infrared regions currently lacking solutions. A-Photonic’s technology enables further technological advancement such as mid-infrared supercontinuum generation. The potential markets served by our patent-pending technology include the instrumentation, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and medical industries.

Presenter: Alexander Pyymaki Perros



ElFys is specialized on providing high performance photodetectors for light sensing and radiation detection in various applications. Our expertise and technology enable the sensitivity of our silicon based photodetector to be better than any comparable products in the market.  We have a strong team with industrial experience and technical knowledge to deliver high quality photodetector products to our customers based on modern cleanroom facility.

Presenter: Mikko Juntunen


1SAFTIR (VTT) www.saftir.comMikko Utriainen
2PillarHall (VTT)www.pillarhall.comMikko Utriainen
3Xfold imaging Oy (Aalto University and University of Helsinki) www.xfoldimaging.netTimo Jäntti and Nagarajan Subramaniyam
4A-Photonics (Aalto) Pyymaki Perros
5ELFYS (Aalto University) Juntunen
6EYELase (Tampere)Jukka Viheriälä
7OPTOSENSEOptical Sensing of Relative Humidity using Photoswitchable MoleculesArri Priimägi (TAU)

Please contact Photonics Finland CTO Slava Vanyukov in questions about the event and registration

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