Registration for OPD2021 as a Exhibitor can be done following the link Here.


Exhibition Fee

Exhibitor fee is 1100 EUR + VAT 24% and for Photonics Finland members 800 EUR + VAT 24 (This is of economically reasonable to use this option. For more information please visit  here). Exhibition Fee includes a table in the exhibitor area, full conference program (lectures, lunches, dinner) for a single person. The additional person fee is equal to the regular attendee fee.

Exhibition Area

Exhibition places are numbered and selected by the registration first. Exhibition space: approx. 3 m2; a table: 80x180cm with black tablecloth; Included services: Electricity bar for your equipment.

Exhibitors can bring their own roll-ups, or other exhibition setups i.e. expo- or flyer stands etc. Please notice that your setups should be (approximately) inside the area of 2.5m. In case of the wider setups (i.e. expolinc walls) we will do our best to fit them all but please pay attention of the exhibitors next to your table. Also please notice that exhibitor is responsible for their set-ups. So in case it gets too crowded – Have a plan B ready.

Exhibition materials shipping information

The shipping to Logomo:

All deliveries between mon-fri at 09:00-16:00, for OPD2021 please make sure that your shipments arrive to Logomo Storage in early week 48 (29th or 30th November). Call on delivery +358407083658. Also please see the venue info Here.

Shipping Address:

Junakatu 9
20100 Turku

Also please remember to add this reference information to all of your parcels: “OPD21” and your exhibition company name. This helps Logomo staff to locate you parcels to the right area. For sponsors, please remember also to add “Tuukka Pakarinen” for those parcels, that OPD-team has rights to open.

Load-in: Door 2
Please do not use UPS! No deliveries will make it to Logomo through them.

Move in schedule (OPD contact on site – Tuukka Pakarinen / Photonics Finland +358 50 3135930)

Exhibitors move in and table set-up Thursday 2.12.2021 in Logomo from 7.30am to 10.00am. Please notice that your shipments will be moved to in front of your exhibition table starting at 7.00am.

The shipping from Logomo:

If you need to leave something to be picked up after the exhibition, you can leave them on the exhibition hall in front of your exhibition table either on a pallet or something with wheels on them.

  • Information to be added to all of your leaving parcels: Info of the company that will pick you your parcel(s) and pick up date / time. All pick ups between mon-fri at 09:00-16:00.

If you need to leave behind something very large, please negotiate about it beforehand with the venue.

Please inform us whether you are interested to participate, become a sponsor of the event, and should we reserve a booth for you?

Contact Information

Tuukka Pakarinen
+358 50 313 5930

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