Industrial Program

The industrial session topics: 

  • Photonics for food industry  
  • Medical technologies  
  • Freeform optics 
  • Photonics for Autonomous Processes

Photonics for food industry 

  • Digitalizing the food chain: how sensors, measuring and food metadata deliver new value to consumers and agrifood businesses, Mari Norrdal, Development Manager, Functional Foods Forum, University of Turku
  • Photonics in digitalized agrifood ecosystemPhD Heikki Aro, R&D Manager (PhD, Food Chemistry), HKScan Corporation, Finland 
  • Integrating sphere near-infrared spectrometer in grain analysis, PhD Kari Jänkälä, CTO, GrainSense Ltd 

Medical Technologies 

  • Photonics in wellness industry (See Abstract), Jyrki Schroderus, Director, Polar Electro
  • Detection of twophoton excited fluorescence (See Abstract), Matilda Sipilä, Junior Engineer, ArcDia International
  • MIRACLE – Mid-infrared spectroscopy system for real-time examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases during arthroscopy, Simo Saarakkala, Professor, University of Oulu, Miracle Project
  • Ekspla tunable high repetition rate OPO systems and their application examples for photoacoustic microscopy (See Abstract), Giedrius Kudaba, Program Manager, Ekspla

Freeform optics

  • Modelling and design approaches for freeform optics (See Abstract), Csilla Timar-Fulep, Optical Engineer, Zemax Europe Ltd
  • Metrology of Freeform Optics (See Abstract), Antti Lassila, Research team leader, Length metrology, VTT Mikes
  • Freeform metal optics for New Space applications (See Abstract), Matthias Beier, CEO & Co-Founder SpaceOptix GmbH (Germany, Jena) 
  • SMART manufacturing of polymer optics (See Abstract), Lucas Klamer, CCO & Co-Founder, Addoptics B.V. (Netherlands)

Photonics for Autonomous Processes 

  • Photonic sensing solutions for industry (See Abstract)Janne Paaso, Principal Scientist, VTT 
  • Photonics in mining industry, Jani Kaartinen, Director – Smart Products and Processes, Outotec 
  • Online photonic sensing solutions for paper industryPekka Suopajärvi, Technology Manager, Valmet Automation
  • Autonomous processes in the optical alignment of ADAS cameras for mass production in the automotive industry (See Abstract), Sebastian Frisch, Development Engineer, Trioptics (Germany)

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