As a tradition, the OPD2021 program will include both the academy and industrial sessions running parallel.

Preliminary Program for OPD2021

Wednesday 1.12.2021  
16:30-17:30 Registration  
12.00-14.00 Nordic Photonics Meeting 
14.00-17.00 PREIN flagship networking event 
17:00-18:00 Photonics Finland annual meeting
18:00-18:10 Welcome speech – Pekka Hänninen
18:10-20:00Get together
 Thursday 2.12.2021  
08.00-09.00 Registration 
09.00-09.15 Welcome Speech – Photonics Finland
09.15-10.00 Plenary talk: Integrated photonics on glass: from telecom to sensors
Prof. Jean-Emmanuel Broquin, IMEP-LAHC, Université Grenoble  
10.00-10.15 Coffee Break and Exhibition 
10.15-11.00 Exhibitor’s pitch 
11:00-12:20 Parallel sessions: Academic Talks / Industrial Talks
Academic session – Polarisation of classical and quantum light
1. ‘Coherence Poincare sphere’, Jyrki Laatikainen, University of Eastern Finland

2. ‘Photonic angular super-resolution using twisted N00N states’, Markus Hiekkamäki Tampere University

3. ‘Polarization vortex-driven third-harmonic generation from a vertically-aligned semiconductor GaAs nanowire’, Shambhavee Annurakshita, Tampere University

4. ‘Experimental detection of non-Markovianity of single photon polarization by unknown measurement mechanism’, Dr. Henri Lyyra, University of Jyväskylä

Industrial session – Freeform Optics (see more details HERE)
1. ‘Freeform metal optics for New Space applications’, Matthias Beier, CEO & Co-Founder SpaceOptix GmbH (Germany, Jena)

2. Lucas Klamer, CCO & Co-Founder, Addoptics B.V. (Netherlands)

3. ‘Metrology of Freeform Optics’, Antti Lassila, Research team leader, Length metrology, VTT Mikes
12.20-13.00 Lunch  
13.00-14:45 Poster session  
14:45-15:30 Plenary talk: Quantum networks, simulations and computations with spin qubits in diamond
Tim Taminiau, Team leader, QuTech, Delft University, Quantum Internet Division
15:30-16:15 Coffee break and Exhibition 
16:15-17:35 Parallel sessions: Academic Talks / Industrial Talks
Academic session – Photovoltaics and metamaterials
1. ‘Multiply-resonant second-harmonic generation from periodic plasmonic metasurfaces’, Timo Stolt, Tampere University

2. ‘Low loss three-dimensional fishnet structures via strained induced self-assembled rolled-up nanotechnology’, Daria Briukhanova, Tampere University

3. ‘Hybrid Quasi-3D modeling of Single Junction Photovoltaic Converter’, Veikka Nikander, Tampere University

4. ‘High-Efficiency Four-Junction Solar Cells’, Dr. Arto Aho, Tampere University

Industrial session – Photonics for Food Industry (see more details HERE)
Talks order to be announced
17.35-18:30 Women in Optics and Photonics 
Preliminary program HERE
19:15-20.00 Bus transfer from Logomo to restaurant Göran. Bus stops at Hotel Helmi, Wiklund and Omena (same stop with Scandic Plaza).
 20:00-23.00Dinner in restaurant Göran

Friday 3.12.2021  
7:45-8:30 Photonics Finland Run 
09:00-09:45 Exhibition  
09.45-10.30 Plenary talk: Tomography using light and sound
Prof. Tanja Tarvainen, Computational Imaging and Modelling, Vice head of the department, University of Eastern Finland,
10.30-11:00 Coffee break and Exhibition 
11:00-12:20 Parallel sessions: Academic Talks / Industrial Talks
Academic session – Sensing and light sources
1. ‘High-resolution photoacoustic spectroscopy of radioactive methane using a mid-infared CW-OPO’, Santeri Larnimaa, University of Helsinki

2. ‘Low-noise octave-spanning mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in a multimode chalcogenide fiber’, Zahra Eslami, Tampere University

3. ‘Double resonant plasmonic lattices for Raman studies’, Kabusure Kabusure, University of Eastern Finland

4. ‘A semiconductor membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with a quantum dot-based gain region emitting around 1.5 µm’, Philipp Tatar-Mathes, Tampere University Foundation Sr

Industrial session – Medical Technologies (see more details HERE)
Talks order to be announced
12.00-14.00 Job Fair  
Details and preliminary program HERE
12.20-13.20 Lunch Break and Exhibition 
13.20-14.40 Parallel sessions: Academic Talks / Industrial Talks
Academic session – LiDAR
1. ‘Supercontinnuum-based Hyperspectral Lidar for Online Combustion Diagnostics’, Abba Saleh, Tampere University

2. ‘Coherent high spectral resolution lidar based on robust tapered fiber amplifier technology’, Kim Kalmankoski, Tampere University

3. ‘Development of optical phased arrays in a micron-scale silicon photonics platform’, Sidra Tul Muntaha, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

4. ‘Finding exciton states from phosphorus doped suspended thin silicon membrane’, Teemu Loippo, University of Jyväskylä

Industrial session – Photonics for Autonomous Processes (see more details HERE)
Talks order to be announced
14.40-15.00 Coffee break 
15.00-15.30 Conference farewell  
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