Venues (1st – 3rd Dec):
Wednesday 1.12.2021: University of Turku (UTU), Medisiina D, Kiinamyllynkatu 10, 20520 Turku.
Thursday and Friday 2. – 3.12.2021: Logomo, Junakatu 9, 20100 Turku.

OPD will be starting in 1st December University of Turku (UTU), Medisiina D, Kiinamyllynkatu 10, 20520 Turku.

OPD Main event for 2nd – 3rd December will take place in Cultural and Business center Logomo in Turku
Address: Junakatu 9, 20100 Turku

In Logomo (2nd – 3rd Dec):
Academic program and plenaries – Logomo Hall
Industry program – 2nd Dec in Kino Auditorium and 3rd Dec in Move Auditorium (both next to each other)
Exhibition, posters sessions and lunch – Logomo Hall Lobby 

Logomo Main Entrance (Logomo-sali)

From airport to Logomo:

The Turku airport is located approximately 8,5 km from Logomo.
Bus line 1 comes near Logomo from the airport (check Föli guide).
Taxi can be ordered from number 02 100 41.

Train to Logomo:

The Turku main railway station is located approximately 700 m from Logomo. The pedestrian bridge crossing the railroads can be used to access Logomo.

Personal vehicle

Logomo has parking areas on the northern and eastern sides of the building. Try to choose your parking area based on your final destination. There may be parking coordinators assisting during events. You can drive to Logomo from Köydenpunojankatu or Vaunukatu. P7 parking area also has charging stations for electric cars. Parking is not free. More information about parking following the link

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