Visiting at OPD-exhibition

Visitors on the 8th September during 12.00 and until 15.00 Exhibition hours. During these hours all the visitors can enter to the exhibition free of charge but the registration is needed. Register here.

Registration for OPD2022 as an Exhibitor can be done in conftool by following the link Here.


See the company pages by clicking the logos.

Official OPD2022 Gold Sponsor is Edmund Optics

Official OPD2022 Silver Sponsors are Thorlabs and Yokogawa

Exhibition Fee

Exhibitor fee is 1100 EUR + VAT 24% and for Photonics Finland members 800 EUR + VAT 24 (It is economically reasonable to use this option. For more information please visit here). Exhibition Fee includes a table in the exhibitor area, full conference program (lectures, lunches, dinner) for a single person. The additional person fee is equal to the regular attendee fee.

Exhibition Area

Exhibition places are numbered and selected by the registration first. Exhibition space: approx. 3 m2; a table: 90x140cm with tablecloth; Included services: Electricity bar for your equipment.

Exhibitors can bring their own roll-ups, or other exhibition setups i.e. expo- or flyer stands etc. Please notice that your setups should be (approximately) inside the area of 2m. In case of the wider setups (i.e. expolinc walls) we will do our best to fit them all but please pay attention of the exhibitors next to your table. Also please notice that exhibitor is responsible for their set-ups. So in case it gets too crowded – Have a plan B ready.

Exhibitors pitch

All exhibitors have possibility to promote their company in exhibitors pitch session. Exhibitors will be shared in session 1 or 2 based on the registration order and this will be informed closer to the event.

  • Only 1 minute / max 2 slides (no slide-animations) presentations. So basically ”Elevator Pitch” logic.
  • Please send your slides to tuukka.pakarinen@photonics.fi as a powerpoint (ppt). Deadline is 1st September. 

Move in schedule 

Exhibitors move in is 7th September starting at 7.00AM until 9.30AM. The venue organizer will set up the tables and electricity ready on the night before on 6th Sep.

Exhibitors shipping to OPD2022 / Sokos Hotel Torni

Shipments to be delivered to OPD2022 venue:

  • Monday 5th of September at 9:30 – 16:00 (preferably)
  • Tuesday 6th of September at 07:00 – 22:00

Adress for Delivery:
Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere/Paja kongressikeskus
Photonics Finland 6.-8.9.2022 / Exhibitor Name
Ratapihankatu 43
33100, Tampere

Venue contact (for courier): 

For any deliveries (or dropping stuff by yourself) It is best to drive straight to the main door of Paja Kongressikeskus. Not to the main door of hotel but to the congress center next to it. There is the roundabout so it’s easy to drive there.

Exhibitors shipping from OPD2022 / Sokos Hotel Torni

If you need to leave something to be picked up after the exhibition, you can leave them on the exhibition hall in front of your exhibition table either on a pallet or something with wheels on them. If you need to leave behind something very large, please negotiate about it beforehand with the venue.

  • Parcels needs to be fully packed with shipping labels ready. Please add Information of the company that will pick you your parcel(s) and pick up date / time.
  • All pick ups needs to be done on Thursday 8th of September, starting at 15:30 and until 21:00.

Adress for Pick up:
Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere/Paja kongressikeskus
Photonics Finland 6.-8.9.2022 
Ratapihankatu 43
33100, Tampere

Venue contact (for courier): 

Exhibitors OPD2022 contact
Slava Vanyukov