Nordic Photonics Meeting

This year, the Nordic Photonics meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th September from 13.00 – 14.00. The event is jointly organised by Photonics Finland and PhotonicSweden and it will be hosted by NordicHub manager Lauri Laaksonen. Event is free of charge but requires registration in advance.

Topic for the discussion is ”Nordic collaboration project – Needs and goals” which focuses on Nordic and Baltic cluster collaboration and funding opportunities. Industry needs and feedback has a significant role in this discussion to highlight the most needed “core” actions for the future collaboration.


NordicHub is a national competence hub coordinated by Viexpo, which focuses on Nordic business operations and internationalization. NordicHub builds network-based operations in Finland in order to increase the level of international cooperation to the Nordics markets. NordicHub creates and forms a Nordic business service network and continues to build thorough Nordic export solutions to the rest of the world.


13:00 Viexpo / NORDICHUB, Lauri Laaksonen – LinkedIn
13:20 Nordic&Baltic collaboration – Different sources for funding
13:25 Examples of Nordic ( cluster ) collaboration
13:30 Workshop/discussion “How to increase Nordic and Baltic ( cluster ) cooperation in the field of photonics”
13:55 Summary and next steps

For more information about the event, contact
Juha Purmonen
+358 50 354 3832