Photonics Finland Surveys and Projects event

During spring 2022 Photonics Finland carried out Academic and Industry surveys to map the operators in the Finnish photonics industry and the size of the Finnish industry as a whole and the numbers of researchers in photonics or closely related fields and the extent of photonics research in Finnish higher education institutions and research organisations.

The results from both surveys helps to support and develop new business and research opportunities in the Finnish photonics field by mapping out the extent of research potential in institutions and the photonics industry operators as well as gaining a deep knowledge of their needs and perspectives.

The event will pre-release the results but also introduce the currently ongoing projects.

  • National Survey on Photonics Industry and Research pre-release of results, Juha Purmonen, Executive Director, Photonics Finland
  • Photonics Finland projects, Ana Gebejes, Head of Projects, Photonics Finland
    • PhotonHub Europe
    • Photonics4Industry
    • Pimap4Sustainability