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Academic Program

The academic program is divided by thematics into 4 sessions. Detailed program with the time of the presentations will be updated in the ConfTool. Each presentation is 20min long (15+5min for questions.)

The conference will cover all aspects of Optics and Photonics, however, the main topics for sessions (more details here) this year are:

  • Integrated Photonics
    • Fabrication of optically active substrates using DNA-based lithography by Petteri Piskunen, from Aalto University, Finland;
    • Developing coherent light sources from van der Waals heterostructures coupled to plasmonic lattices, by Antti J. Moilanen from ETH Zurich, Switzerland;
    • Dielectric Cavity Based Optical Metamaterials: Design, Fabrication and Applications by Tianlong Guo, from University of Eastern Finland, Finland;
    • MW/m2 high power density photovoltaic power converters, by Veikka Nikander from Winse Power Oy, Finland.
  • Sensing and Imaging
    • Invited talk, Real-Time Measurements of Respirable Crystalline Silica, Kaolinite, Coal, and Calcite Dust with a Quantum Cascade Laser Equipped Photoacoustic Instrument – by W. Patrick Arnott, from University of Nevada, Reno, USA
    • Laser Doppler spectrum decomposition and time-frequency analysis: from fibre-optics to VCSEL-based microvascular disease monitoring by Evgenii Zherebtsov from University of Oulu, Finland;
    • Sensing molecular scattering up to 1 km with coherent heterodyne lidar by Kim Kalmankoski, from Tampere University;
    • Isotope Detection by Microwave-Assisted Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy by Jan Viljanen, from the University of Adelaide, Australia & Tampere University, Finland;
  • Emerging active material and devices
    • Plasmon-induced Long-Lived Hot Electrons relaxation via hyperbolic meta-antennas by Rakesh Dhama, from Tampere University, Finland;
    • Connections between time-varying photonics, relativity, and the arrow of time, by Matias Koivurova from Tampere University;
    • Photopatterning of Surface Relief Gratings in Reconfigurable Thin Films for Optical Waveguides, by Alex Berdin from Tampere University;
    • The interconnecting hairpin extension – an allosteric switch of bacteriophytochrome signaling, by Moona Kurttila from University of Jyväskylä,Finland.
  • Quantum technology
    • InvitedDiamond for quantum applications by Sergei Malykhin, from University of Eastern Finland, Finland;
    • Geometric phase and the dual wave–particle nature of the photon by Andreas Norrman, from University of Eastern Finland, Finland;
    • Ultrafast single photon source based on single InAs/GaAs quantum dot embedded in a hybrid plasmonic nanopillar cavity by Abhiroop Chellu, from Tampere University, Finland;
    • Photonic databus for the superconducting qubits, by Arijit Bera, from VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, Finland.