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Networking and Matchmaking

Networking features for registered participants!

As a registered OPD participant, remember to benefit the advanced networking features and attendee list! When registering to OPD in conftool, all participants are able to choose if they would be visible in the official list of participants but also if they would like to be open for contacting (Image 1).

Image 1. New networking features allows visitors to be visible in the participants list but also contacting each other.

In the participant personal profile there is a lot of details that can be added based on the preference, from the basic contact details to webpage, social media channels, interests, personal cv and profile photo. The list of other participants is available only if the registering participant has accepted to appear on the official list of participants (image 2 and 3).

Image 2. The view from registered participants list for others.
Image 3. The list of other participants will be available only if the registering participant has accepted to be visible as well.

When other participants clicks your profile on the list, the full profile opens (image 4).

Image 4. When others select the visible profiles on the list of participants they can view the information that registered person has been added.

For Exhibitors: Invite your visitors to OPD-exhibition!

For exhibitors there is possibility to invite Visitors to the Thursday 1st June Exhibition (Carelia 1st floor) during 12.00 and until 15.00 hours. During these hours all the visitors can enter to the exhibition free of charge but the registration is needed to be done in conftool HERE (image 5).

Image 5. All Visitors needs to register in conftool and select the option “Free events only”.