New members in Photonics Finland board

Thursday May 31st, 2018
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Photonics Finland association held its annual meeting during OPD2018 conference 29th of May 2018 in Jyväskylä, Finland and selected chairman and board members for the forthcoming season. The conclusion of the meeting was that chairman Jyrki Saarinen (UEF) and vice chairman Niklas Saxen (Edmund Optics Nordic) will continue in their position. Three new board members was selected. New members are Timo Vuorenpää (Senop), Kim Grundström (Kimmy Photonics) and Anna Rissanen (VTT).

Photonics Finland board

Puheenjohtaja Jyrki Saarinen, UEF, Institute of Photonics, Joensuu
Vice Chairman Niklas Saxen, Edmund Optics Oy.
Veli-Pekka Leppänen, Nanocomp Oy (Samuli Siitonen, Nanocomp Ltd.)
Timo Vuorenpää, Senop Oy (Jyrki Huttunen, Oplatek Group Oy)
Ulla Haapanen, Modulight Oy (Lasse Orsila, Modulight Oy)
Samuli Laukkanen, Vaisala Oyj (Markku Vainio, HY)
Antti Isomäki, HY (Jouko Korppi-Tommola, JY)
Juha Toivonen, TTY (Mikko Huttunen, TTY)
Kim Grundström, Kimmy Photonics Oy (Pekka Hänninen, TU)
Anna Rissanen, VTT (Kimmo Keränen, VTT)