Upcoming: Photonics Top Expert Recruitment Training

During May 2021 Photonics Finland and Kasve Ltd are creating a Photonics Top Expert Recruitment training to help Photonics Companies in Finland to find a new talent by offering service for recruitment and training based on company needs. This service is carried out in collaboration with TE-services and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The goal is to help photonics or photonics enabling companies to recruit and to train new talents. Also to help highly educated job-seekers with already some applicable experience to find their new career path in the cooperating companies.

Photonics Top Expert Recruitment training will benefit the just released Photonics Job Board LinkedIn group for talents and companies. The first pilot can take max 12 companies.

Photonics Top Expert Recruitment training is carried out in co-operation experienced professionals from Kasve Ltd and Photonics Finland. The content of the training is always tailored and based on the needs of employers.

For Talents:

  • To be qualified for the Photonics Top Expert talent have to be registered as a job seeker in TE-services.
  • Talent can apply for the jobs that are available by Photonics Top Expert recruiting companies. Companies make the final decision for the potential talents and Photonics Top Expert provides the training based on these selections.
  • For the schedule and other information see Here.

Training includes:

  • 80 working days on-the-job training (internship)
  • 8 days of training provided by Kasve Oy and Photonics Finland
  • 1 Development project including one-to-one sparring and company-wide sparring from Kasve Oy and Photonics Finland

All trainings can be carried out remotely in Finnish or in English depending on the needs and agreements of the joining partners.

Now the early stage registration are open and we are already booking meetings with the companies that has recruitment needs!
To have a preliminary discussion and more information contact tuukka.pakarinen@photonics.fi or call +358 50 313 5930.

More information about the Photonics Top Expert trainings Here.

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