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As a tradition, the OPD2023 program will include both the academy and industry sessions running in parallel.

The most updated version the program can be found in the Conftool system here.

Venue (30 May – 1 June):

University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Carelia building 2nd floor C1 and C2 halls
Yliopistokatu 4
80100, Joensuu

Tuesday 30.5.2023

Registration opens – Carelia 1st floor lobby
12.00-13.30Nordic Photonics Meeting -
Photonics Center
Yliopistokatu 7
Metria building
Photonics Center event: Fast assembly and image quality optimization of cameras with active alignment- Photonics Center
Photonics Students Meet-up - C2 Green auditorium
15.00-18.00 PREIN Annual event - C1 Main auditorium
18.30-18.40OPD 2023 Welcome speech by Juha Purmonen
18.40-21.00Get together reception - Carelia 1st floor lobby - Co-cponsored by Plasma-Therm.

Wednesday 31.5.2023  

08.00-8.45 Registration opens
08.45-09.00 Welcome Speech - Juha Toivonen, Photonics Finland
09.00-09.45 Plenary 1:
Waveguide technology for XR glasses that look an feel like ordinary glasses - DSc Sanna Yliniemi, Dispelix - C1 Main auditorium
09.45-10.10 Exhibitor's pitch - Session 1, Room C1 Main auditorium
10.10-10.40 Coffee break and Exhibition - Carelia 1st floor lobby
Parallel sessions:
10.40-12.00 Academic Session 1 - Emerging active material and devices - C2 Green auditorium
Industrial session 1 - Nano & Micro photonics - C1 Main auditorium
12.00-13.00 Lunch break - Restaurant Carelia (1st floor) and Restaurant Aura (Aurora building) & Exhibition & Poster session 1, Carelia 2nd floor lobby
13.00-14.00Poster Session 1 - Upper floor lobby
14.00-14.45 Plenary 2:
Light-responsive architectures from nano to macro by Prof Emiliano Descrovi, Politecnico di Torino, Italy - C1 Main auditorium
14.45-15.15 Exhibitor's pitch - Session 2, Room C1 Main auditorium
15.15-15.45 Coffee break and Exhibition - 1st floor lobby
Parallel sessions:
15.45-17.05 Academic Session 2 - Integrated Photonics - C2 Green auditorium
Industrial session 2 - Photonics in Security & Defence I - C1 Main auditorium
17.05-18.40 Women in Photonics (event open to everyone) - C1 Main auditorium
18.40-19.30 Annual meeting of Photonics Finland - C1 Main auditorium
 20.00-23.30Conference dinner in Sokos Hotel Kimmel, 1st floor.
Photonics Finland Awards for The Photonics Company of the Year, Best PhD Thesis Award.
23.30 -Special Event


Thursday 1.6.2023 

09.15OPD2023 doors open
09.15- 09.45Coffee break and Exhibition - Carelia 1st floor Lobby
09.45-10.30 Plenary 3: Multispectral Imaging in Defense Applications - Dr. Martin Gerken, Hensoldt Optronics, Germany - C1 Main auditorium
10.40-12.00 Academic session 3: Sensing & Imaging - C2 Green auditorium
Industrial session 3: Photonics in Security & Defence II Room C1 Main auditorium
12.00-13.00Lunch break
12.00-15.00 Job Fair & Exhibition - Free of charge for everyone - Registration required
13.00-14.00Poster session 2 - Upper floor lobby
14.00-14.45Plenary 4: Advanced ultrafast laser technology for Terahertz light and more - Prof. Clara J. Saraceno, Ruhr University Bichum, Germany - C1 Main auditorium
14.45-16.05Academic session 4: Quantum technology - Room C2 Green auditorium
Industrial session 4: Spectral & Hyperspectral Imaging - Room C1 Main auditorium
16.05-16.20Conference Farewell & Best Poster Awards
16.45-18.00Visit of the Photonics Center - for CXC participants**
18.30-21.00Exclusive dinner for CXC participants**

** Please note that this part of the event is part of the ClusterXchange organised by Photonics4industry and is exclusively for attendees coming from abroad that officially signed up for the ClusterXchange.

Friday 2.6.2023 **

** Please note that this part of the event is part of the ClusterXchange organised by Photonics4industry and is exclusively for attendees coming from abroad that officially signed up for the ClusterXchange.

09.00-09.30Transportation to Lehmo
09.30- 10.45Company visit - Nanocomp, by Samuli Siitonen
10.45-11.10 Transportation back to Joensuu
11.15-12.45 Company visit - Dispelix
12.45-14.15Networking lunch in the Photonics Center
14.15-15.15Company presentation - Chipmetrics by Jussi Kinnunen, Mikko Utiainen & Zahra Ghaderi
15.15-16.30Coffee break & Mingling - CXC Farewell words
16.30Bus transportation to the airport and railway station.