Photonics Jobs in Finland platform

Photonics Jobs in Finland platform gathers all the information from new job or internship opportunities in Finland. To work for Finnish photonics companies you don´t necessary have to live in Finland, some openings can be available for remote work as well.

  • For students and employees globally Photonics jobs in Finland offers a great variety of Finnish photonics companies and jobs for search whether you are living in Finland or abroad. After all looking from a global perspective, Finland is the happiest country in the world (yes, there is a study to prove that), so why not consider to move here.
  • For Finnish photonics companies Photonics jobs offers an easy way to offer jobs in one national platform which greatly supports the possibility to find a new talent for your company, but also to modify and to manage your offerings now and in the future through same platform.

The platform itself is maintained by the official Photonics Finland cluster. Photonics Finland is the national photonics platform that develops new business and research opportunities, and helps realize the full potential of the photonics industry in Finland.

Photonics in Finland

Photonics is the physical science of light (photon) generation, detection, and manipulation through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and sensing. Photonics is an key enabling technology that affects in an increasing number of fields. The application of photonics spreads across several sectors: from optical data communications to imaging, lighting and displays; from the manufacturing sector to life sciences, health care, energy, food industry, security and safety.

The estimated total revenue of photonics business in Finland is 1 200 – 2 300 meur and 4 200 – 6 000 employees of Finnish photonics companies are directly working with photonics. In total, the photonics companies employ 28 000 – 35 000 workers.

Photonics industry in Finland grows rapidly, from 2016 more than 40% (approx. 12% annually). The  estimate for growth in upcoming years is 30% annually. 

To facilitate growth photonics companies in Finland are looking for domestic and foreign partners and new employees. Photonics Finland and PREIN flagship provides a platform for cooperation in research as well as in industrial meetings and fairs but also trainings on photonics and optical design an communications.

Also further education and customized trainings are needed to provide experts from all levels of education. Photonics education path provides photonics training adapted to meet the company’s needs on all levels from vocational to doctoral studies.