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Last Call: National surveys on Photonics Industry and Research are ready for your answers!

Photonics Finland is pleased to annonce that our National Surveys on Photonics Industry and Photonics Research are now ready for your inputs!

The aim of the Industry Survey is to map the operators in the Finnish photonics industry and the size of the Finnish industry as a whole. The contribution of every actor in the Finnish technology and corporate sector is therefore very important for the estimation of the growth prerequisites and financing needs in the sector.

The aim of the Research survey is to map the numbers of researchers in photonics or closely related fields and the extent of photonics research in Finnish higher education institutions and research organisations.

The results from both surveys will help to support and develop new business and research opportunities in the Finnish photonics field by mapping out the extent of research potential in institutions and the photonics industry operators as well as gaining a deep knowledge of their needs and perspectives.

All the obtained answers will be handled with great care and trust, and the results will be depicted only at an organisational level. The summary of the results will be anonymized and then shared with all respondents. We kindly ask you to respond to the survey by June 10th, 2022 at the latest!

In case you have any questions regarding the study, additional information on the targets and implementation of the study is provided:

Answer to the Research Survey and for more information contact Caroline Amiot, Project Manager, Photonics Finland (, Tel. +358 404 012 6653).

Answer to the Industry Survey and for more information contact Juha Purmonen, Executive Director, Photonics Finland (, Tel. +358 50 354 3832)