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Finnish National Photonics Roadmap

What is a Finnish National Photonics Roadmap (FNPR)

  • FNPR is a strategic document that presents a trajectory for the future of Finnish Photonics. It builds on past achievements of the Finnish Photonics Community spanning the entire value chain from fundamental research to large-scale production. 
  • It is a comprehensive guide that will enable us to remain competitive, and capitalize on photonics research, innovation and technologies. It will provide tools to communicate about Finnish Photonics, facilitate discussions on strategic goals and align different stakeholders.​

Who are the stakeholders using the Roadmap

  • National Decision makers (e.g. Business Finland, Ely Centers, Maakuntaliittos etc.)​
  • National Photonics Industry​
  • Industries that use Photonics​
  • National Photonics Academic community​
  • International industry and academy

Why we need a Roadmap

  • It will present the strengths of the Finnish Photonics sector and outline the needs for future development​
  • It will position Finnish Photonics as a key enabling technology for addressing major national and global challenges. ​
  • It will position Finnish Photonics as a driving force for economic growth, employment, education and sustainable development. 

What the Roadmap tells us

  • It will illustrate the potential and possibilities of Finnish Photonics to potential collaborators, decision makes and the public.​
  • It will identify national priorities for photonics research, education and industry

How we can use the Roadmap

  • It will provide a trajectory for the future​
  • It will serve as a basis for cooperation with other sectors and international partners ​
  • It will advocate for photonics at national and international decision makers​
  • It will inform investors and other funding agencies about opportunities and needs for investments​
  • It will be a national document that increases the profile of Finnish Photonics both nationally and internationally

How can everyone contribute to creating it

  • FNPR will be prepared through an open and transparent community process. The preparation starts in February 2024 and the final roadmap will be announced in September 2024.​
  • For the preparation, the results of the national photonics surveys will be used. In addition, PF and PREIN will conduct interviews with representatives of each stakeholder group. If you are interested to be interviewed contact Ana Gebejes.​
  • Every three weeks PF will arrange a status update Teams meeting where sections of the roadmap will be discussed. Everyone is welcome to join those meetings​
  • At OPD2024 a draft of the roadmap is planned to be workshopped. Everyone attending OPD2024 is welcome to participate​
  • At any point during this process, you are welcome to contact Ana Gebejes with any input, comments or questions.​

Roadmap preparation schedule

Preparation actions

  • Outline of the roadmap document sections will be made​
  • The agreed sections will then be prepared using the national photonics survey results and interview results​
  • We will identify key strategic areas of Finnish Photonics​
  • We will host regular update meetings in Teams (every three weeks)​
  • We will arrange f2f workshops 

Public online meeting schedule

To share an update on the roadmap creation status and give everyone chance to contribute to it Photonics Finland will arrange public online meetings every three weeks on Thursdays at 14:00 EET. Find the schedule and link to join the meetings in the continuation

Thursday 21.3.2024 at 14:00 – 15:00 EET: meeting slides HERE
Thursday 11.4.2024 at 14:00 – 15:00 EET CANCELLED
Thursday 2.5.2024 at 14:00 – 15:00 EET
Thursday 23.5.2024 at 14:00 – 15:00 EET

To join the meeting follow the Teams link HERE


Ana Gebejes

Business Development Manager
Photonics Finland

Juha Purmonen

Executive Director
Photonics Finland