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Vaisala is awarded Photonics Company of the Year

Photonics Finland awarded Vaisala Photonics company of the Year at the OPD2024 Conference dinner in Helsinki.

Vaisala is the global leader in measurement instruments and intelligence. Vaisala is renowned for its innovative Photonics-based products, as a substantial portion of its measurement instruments for weather and industrial applications. With over 2300 staff and almost a century of experience, Vaisala has a strong global presence and the ability to meet diverse customer needs in various markets.

Vaisala’s solutions and data enable climate action to tackle the most crucial global challenges of our time. Actionable weather data and measurement solutions help the world to adapt to and mitigate climate chance.

Industrial customers benefit from the Vaisala measurement instruments in optimizing their processes and increasing resource efficiency.

Vaisala’s products and systems are based on the company’s proprietary leading technologies including thin-film humidity sensors, infrared gas sensors, optical liquid sensors, optical weather sensors, and radio frequency technologies.

The company serves leading organizations and governments globally. Some of its main segments include power and energy, life sciences, high technology, meteorology, aviation, as well as the automotive and roads sector.

”Vaisala has a longstanding presence in the Finnish Photonics community. In addition to the company’s own production, Vaisala invests heavily in research and development, collaborating actively with universities and research institutes. The company dedicates substantial resources to developing new photonics technologies, keeping it at the forefront of the industry”, says Juha Purmonen from Photonics Finland.

Besides creating instruments and intelligence to enable environmental action, sustainability is at the core of Vaisala’s organizational values and practices as well.

The company has adopted environmentally and socially responsible, ethically sound business practices from energy efficient and recyclable product design to facilities that run on renewable energy, and an inclusive company culture that embraces diversity and prioritizes occupational health and safety.

”I want to thank Photonics Finland for this great and unexpected honor. We have been developing world leading optical and photonics instruments since the 1980´s, utilizing, e.g. diode laser LIDAR technologies, infrared absorption spectroscopy, and proprietary optical MEMS components to achieve the best performing products. I want to thank our great technology and R&D teams and well as research partners for making all that happen. We continue to push growth with new innovations in the Photonics sector”, says Hannu Talvitie, Technology Strategy Director from Vaisala.