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The story of our family business begins in 1991, when physicist Jorma Orkosalo starts to manufacture industrial lasers in his garage. Today Keypoint is an economically stable photonics company that has also developed smart laser therapy devices and 4D radars.

Our photonics solutions are designed to make our customers succeed. Our mission is to provide high-grade photonics solutions to help professionals from different fields thrive in their work. The quality of our industrial lasers, laser therapy devices, and 4D radars is a testament to our seamless process from inception to delivery.

Industrial lasers, laser therapy devices, and 4D radars are based on photonics, “the science of light”, which is a special field in physics. Our products operate on different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum: lasers are based on either visible light or infrared radiation, whereas 4D radars operate with millimetre waves. Our speciality is to combine photonics and electronics with other technologies.

Contact information
Keypoint Oy
Ohjelmakaari 16
40500 Jyväskylä, Finland
Phone +358 14 241 488