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OPD2022 – New networking features for registered visitors!

The annual Photonics Finland Main Event, Optics and Photonics Days (OPD) 2022 will be held 6. – 8. September 2022 in Tampere, Finland! Industry program and Invited speakers are just released, also submissions and early bird registration is open. Find out more Here.

New networking features for registered participants!

This year OPD2022 networking features are mode advanced! When registering to the OPD2022 event in conftool all participants are able to choose if they would be visible in the official list of participants but also if they would like to be open for contacting (Image 1).

Image 1. New networking features allows visitors to be visible in the participants list but also contacting each other.

In the participant personal profile there is a lot of details that can be added based on the preference, from the basic contact details to webpage, social media channels, interests, personal cv and profile photo. The list of other participants is available only if the registering participant has accepted to appear on the official list of participants (image 2 and 3).

Image 2. The view from registered participants list for others.
Image 3. The list of other participants will be available only if the registering participant has accepted to be visible as well.

When other participants clicks your profile on the list, the full profile opens (image 4).

Image 4. When others select the visible profiles on the list of participants they can view the information that registered person has been added.

For Exhibitors: Invite your visitors to OPD-exhibition!

For exhibitors OPD2022 provides also new possibility to invite Visitors on the 8th September during 11.00 and until 15.00 Exhibition hours. During these hours all the visitors can enter to the exhibition free of charge but the registration is needed to be done in conftool (image 5).

Image 5. All 8th of September Exhibition Visitors needs to register in conftool and select the option “Free events only”.
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Photonics Finland part of Photonics4Industry (P4I) Partnership – SMEs join now to the Photonics4Industry ClusterXchange!

Photonics Finland has joined to Photonics4Industry (P4I) Partnership among European clusters from Austria, Germany, France, and Lithuania! This pan-European strategic partnership accelerates industrial modernisation and enhances competitiveness of SME cluster members by providing ClusterXchange opportunities, B2B and C2C joint-partnership services. Read more about it here.

Photonics4Industry Partners

SME! Are you interested in new partners, business, or promotion opportunities towards Europe?

Join now the Photonics4Industry ClusterXchange! You will have an opportunity to host and join the actions that provide the possibility to network, promote, and create new knowledge and business for your company! Photonics4Industry Partnership funding support available – For more information visit WEBSITE or contact caroline.amiot@photonics.fi or call +354 40 412 6653. Also follow P4I on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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A lot of events upcoming!

There are a lot of upcoming events and activities!
Here are some of the latest!

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Photonics Finland and PREIN in SuomiAreena 2022

Photonics Finland and PREIN flagship will organize a SuomiAreena discussion on 13th July 12:00 – 12:45 in Pori, Finland. All SuomiAreena discussions are streamed live, and can be watched at any time at mtv.fi.

SuomiAreena is a concept that aims to promote the opportunity for every Finn to participate in the debate on social, economic and political issues. SuomiAreena raises important topics and ideas for the whole society.

SuomiAreena consists of two elements: 1) SuomiAreena festival week in Pori: the largest societal discussion festival in Finland 2) SuomiAreena Goes: a pop-up societal discussion event

Starting in 2022 SuomiAreena is looking for deeds, which make our society a better place to live in. SuomiAreena calls applicants, listens to the ideas and deeds, and selects the best applications for the programme. All kinds of organisations can apply to organize a discussion event.

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Photonics Finland Baltic Tour

Latvia, Riga: Photo by Ivars Utināns on Unsplash

Photonics Finland will organize a group visit together with its members to Latvia on 17th – 20th May 2022.

Photonics in Latvia

“Smart materials and photonics” are one of five smart industries identified as a priority sectors by the Latvian government.  Latvia’s world-leading high-impact research paired with well-developed commercialization and extensive industry expertise make Latvia a particularly attractive region for developing and launching projects in the smart materials and photonics sector, as shown by the sustained growth in related export and investments.

Specialization areas

– development and manufacturing of functional materials.

– photonics equipment and devices.

– thin layers and coatings.

Company highlights

You’ll come across Latvian innovations in every corner of the world and beyond with Groglass’ anti-reflective glass that displays the most precious exhibits and showcases around the world, and Sidrabe’s thin-film technologies used by NASA to coat astronaut helmets. Lightguide boasts the world’s leading optical fiber production lab and provides ~70% of all fiber optic instruments used in urology and Baltic Scientific Instruments is one of only 3 companies worldwide specializing in the development and fabrication of devices for spectrometric analysis based on semiconductor and scintillation radiation detectors.


A central hub connecting science and business is University of Latvia’s (UL) Institute of Solid-State Physics (ISSP)—the top materials research and innovation center in the Baltics—and its platform Materize. The ISSP itself is home to a unique micro- and nano-technology center. 

The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) has developed a conceptually new approach for ensuring high emission intensities in solids. The new concept is based on the use of intermolecular electrostatic interactions in the design of luminescent molecules, well-known in organic chemistry, but not yet used in the field of optical materials.

University of Latvia’s Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy is making strides in biophotonics, working on non-invasive methods and devices for early detection of skin cancer and the classification of skin lesions, employing multispectral diffuse reflection and autofluorescence imaging combined with neural network analysis.

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Photonics Finland Pavilion at Laser World of Photonics 2022

A panoramic image of Munich in Bavaria Germany

Photonics Finland will be joining to Laser World of Photonics 2022 (26. – 29. April), München, Germany with 9 companies. Photonics Finland Pavilion will be located in hall B5 – Booth 125.

LASER World of PHOTONICS is the world’s leading platform for the laser and photonics industry. The Trade Fair for Photonics Components, Systems and Applications, sets standards since 1973—in size, diversity and relevance.

This is the only place that features the combination of research, technology and applications. It deals with a key crossover technology, LASER also addresses other important industrial sectors such as material processing, measuring, testing and inspection, optical data transmission and lasers in medicine.

Companies registered to Photonics Finland Pavilion:

Welcome to visit us!

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National Photonics Industry Survey 2022

In March week 11 Photonics Finland will open National Photonics Industry survey 2022, which not only will map the operators in the Finnish photonics industry but also to collect important information of the size, growth, needs and future expectations of photonics companies in Finland.

The information received will address the upcoming actions and communications towards the decision makers and provides more exact estimation of the growth prerequisites and financing needs in the photonics sector.

More information
Juha Purmonen
Executive Director, Photonics Finland
+358 50 354 3832


Caroline Amiot
Project Manager, Photonics Finland
+358 40 412 6653

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SAVE THE DATE: Optics and Photonics Days 2022, 6. – 8. September 2022, Tampere, Finland

The annual Photonics Finland Main Event, Optics and Photonics Days (OPD) 2022 will be held 6. – 8. September 2022 in Tampere, Finland!

OPD offers a unique opportunity to learn from interesting presentations, network with companies, students and researchers in the field of photonics and optics, but also to explore products and services in Exhibition that is held during the conference.

Also there is a lot of other activity such as Networking Dinner, Job Fair, Nordic Photonics meeting, PREIN flagship networking event, Photonics Finland annual meeting, Women in Optics and Photonics event and also Poster- and Pitch sessions.

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Photonics West 2023 – Photonics Finland Pavilion, Register now!

SPIE opened Photonics West 2023 registration with a very short deadline – REGISTER TO Photonics Finland Pavilion 23rd of February at the latest – Act fast! More info and registration here: 

In order to be in front with Early Bird pricing but also get the best possible Hall placement Photonics Finland will be booking the Pavilion space already during this month. Please notice that as a Photonics West – Photonics Finland Pavilion company you will always have a priority to book your booth place first also for upcoming years! 

Already registered Photonics West 2023 – Photonics Finland Pavilion companies

  • Inkron
  • VTT
  • Oplatek
  • PiBond
  • Emberion
  • Picophotonics
  • Reflekron
  • Comptek Solutions
  • Ampliconyx
  • PREIN 
  • Elfys 

If any questions please contact Tuukka.pakarinen@photonics.fi or call +358 50 313 5930. 

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Comptek Solutions raises significant funding from European Innovation Council

Photonics Finland member Comptek Solutions has been selected for funding within the Accelerator Programme by The European Innovation Council. The funding consists of two parts. The grant amount as a maximum is EUR 2.5 million and the capital component will be EUR 0.5-15 million in the form of a direct investment, a capital loan or a guarantee.

Comptek Solutions is the expert in III-V compound semiconductor quantum surface engineering. The funding will allow to accelerate the development and implementation of the company novel semiconductor passivation process, Kontrox, to customer production lines and enable business scale-up.

Following a rigorous selection process involving an idea screening stage, full application assessment by external experts and an interview with a jury of experienced investors and entrepreneurs, Comptek Solutions has been selected among the 99 European companies to be funded by the EIC to help them bring their promising technologies to the market.

Comptek Solutions on LinkedIn
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