Photonics Finland – Employee updates

In recent years Photonics Finland has been growing significantly and currently there are 96 company and societal members and over 200 individual, student, or organization side members. With growth comes responsibility to offer even better service for all of our members. For improving services Photonics Finland has recruited two new full-time employees during 2020 and […]

Photonics is thriving globally – New Photonics21 survey released

New research shows European photonics is growing at more than double the rate of global GDP – outperforming EU GDP and EU industrial production by three and five times, respectively. Photonics – the technology and science of light – is one of the most resilient and fast-growing industries in Europe, outperforming many other market segments […]


Business Joensuu Oy’s Board of Directors made a decision on 25 May 2021 to establish a new company called Photonics Center Oy. The Photonics Center service package will be a key element in implementing the Joensuu Region’s business strategy. It will strongly support the creation of businesses and jobs in the growing photonics sector and […]

SuomiAreena 2021 – Valoa huomiseen paneelikeskustelu

Valoa huomiseen – Fotoniikka ratkaisemassa globaaleja haasteita 16.7.2021 klo 12:00 – 12:45. Photonics Finland ja PREIN järjestävät Valoa huomiseen – Fotoniikka ratkaisemassa globaaleja haasteita paneelikeskustelun Suomen suurimmassa yhteiskunnallisessa keskustelutapahtumassa SuomiAreenassa. Vuoden 2021 SuomiAreena toteutetaan hybriditapahtumana ja ohjelmaa lähetetään Porista sekä Helsingistä. Tämän vuoden SuomiAreenan teemat ovat Yhteisöllisyys, digitaalisuus ja luonto. Fotoniikka on valon tiedettä ja teknologiaa, […]

MedPhab: Open call for medical developing companies

MedPhab, the first European pilot line for photonics-based medical devices with support from the H2020 programme of the EU, is organizing an Open Call for demo-case projects for companies developing medical products. The objective of the Open Call is to provide technology development services for companies that are adopting advanced photonics technologies in the medical diagnostics […]

Photonics Finland members to boost global AR-ecosystem

The LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) is an ecosystem of like-minded companies and organizations to foster and encourage the development and promotion of technologies, components, devices, techniques, and solutions to enable the efficient design and manufacture of Augmented Reality (AR) wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. One of LaSAR founding “five” […]

Photonics Top Expert Recruitment Training

During 2021 Photonics Finland and Kasve Ltd are creating a Photonics Top Expert Recruitment training to help Photonics Companies in Finland to find a new talent by offering service for recruitment and training based on company needs. This service is carried out in collaboration with TE-services and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. […]

Photonics trainings for companies -questionnaire

Photonics-related trainings for companies are offered by many PREIN & Photonics Finland partners in Finland. Subjects range from fundamentals of photonics to optical component manufacturing, laser safety and cleanroom training.  To find out current and future needs of the companies, a questionnaire targeting photonics companies in Finland has now been opened. By answering the short form (takes approximately 5 minutes), companies […]

Photonics Center website published

The Photonics Center – Collaboration for Business and Research to be established in Joensuu is a unique place designed for photonics companies and companies utilizing photonics to grow and develop. The service coverage includes equipment, facilities and experts under the same roof. The recently published website presents the core services of the Photonics Center. To […]

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