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Led Future

Led Future is an innovative company from Finland with profound expertise in UVC-LED disinfection for materials, cabinets, vehicles, premises, and even small objects.

LED Future is founded and run by leading biologists, physicists, physicians and engineers. We develop new disinfection technology products for a wide variety of uses. Our disinfection solutions created with UVC-LED technology are ecological, energy-efficient, and durable. Led Future devices can be found across five continents and they are easy to use and easy to design for customers.

LED Future Oy’s UVC-LED technology enables the installation and development of UVC-based disinfection systems for various of operating environments and applications.

We offer LF-DLS, LF-EDU, LF-CIDD, IQ Mobile Box, and other products and devices related to disinfection of space, escalators, cars, ventilation and other. Please, see our website.

We are located in the Lakeland region of Finland in the cities of Kuopio and Varkaus.

Contact information
LED Future Oy
Taivaanpankontie 8 D
70200 Kuopio, Finland
Phone +358 44 777 1707