Photonics jobs in Finland now in one platform!

Photonics industry in Finland is growing rapidly. Based on a national survey from 2020 photonics companies turnover in Finland have grown over 40% which is approximately 12% annually. In photonics industry there is an increasing need for new talents. In next four years the need for 1000 new employees and expertise varies from vocational to […]

Fotoniikka-alan työpaikat löytyvät nyt yhdestä osoitteesta

Valon hyödyntämiseen perustuva teknologia fotoniikka on vahvassa nousukiidossa koko Euroopassa. Suomessa kasvu on erityisen voimakasta ja fotoniikka-alan yritysten liikevaihto on kasvanut vajaassa neljässä vuodessa yli 40%, mikä tarkoittaa noin 12% prosentin vuosivauhtia vuodesta 2016 alkaen. Koronatilanteesta huolimatta vuoden 2020 aikana pelkästään Joensuun alueelle fotoniikka-ala toi 40 uutta työpaikkaa ja koko Suomeen yhteensä noin 200-300 työpaikkaa. […]

Open Position in Photonics Finland: Project Manager

Photonics Finland is searching for an enthusiastic person for the role of project manager in business development projects. Photonics Finland (PF) is the single point of contact for photonics ecosystem/network in Finland. PF is both scientific and industrial society. It has a strong commitment to promoting photonics for the general public and as well as […]


PHOTONICS EDUCATION IN THE FUTURE – WEBINARKeskiviikkona 6.5.2020 klo 9.00–15.30. English program starts at 12.00 PM. Photonics industry is growing significantly across the Europe and companies in this field are constantly in need of new employees. Joensuu Photonics Education Path Project (JFK) piloted a unique Photonics education pathway from second degree to PhD to meet […]

Fundamental Optical Design course registration opens!

The aim of the course is to teach the fundamentals of optical design, especially to provide theoretical foundations of geometrical optics combined with basic design examples. After this course you will have the required theoretical and practical skills to start optical design.  See more information here: 

Photonics West 2021 & 2022 – Photonics Finland Pavilion registration now open!

Photonics West is the world largest and most important photonics technologies event and number 1 place for Finnish photonics companies to be present and showcase their products and services. Photonics Finland have been organizing the Finnish Pavilion for several years together with PF-member companies to provide an easy and more affordable access for companies to […]

Open lecture serie: Photonics applications 28.10.-17.12.2019

Welcome to hear about different photonics applications! Learn how the most important photonics applications for today and in the future are solving various tasks and problems in, e.g., industry, medicine and consumer applications. Lectures focus on practical examples presented by companies and provides great opportunity for networking! Companies presented: Arbonaut, Timegate, Senop, Oplatek, Seetrue, Nanocomp, […]

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