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Rapid growth and new career opportunities in silicon photonics

Finland is one of the pioneers in silicon photonics research. Here, like in many other places around the world, the related R&D activities are now increasing fast and leading into large-scale commercial exploitation. Following the long and well-known success of microelectronics the silicon photonics technology is now being taken into use in numerous applications that include short and long range optical communication, sensing and imaging.

The growth of silicon photonics R&D is now creating new job opportunities in Finland. As the Finnish pioneer in the field, VTT is recruiting one new Research Scientist for the design, simulation and testing of high-speed silicon photonic components, as well as 1-2 Summer Trainees to do silicon photonics measurements in Micronova.

Research scientist for high-speed silicon photonics
1-2 summer trainees for silicon photonics measurements

More information:
Timo Aalto / +358-40-8485037


Furthermore, the recently established Rockley Photonics Oy is hiring one Development Manager, one Process Engineer and one Design & Characterization Engineer to work in Espoo.

More information about these distinctly separate job opportunities:
Rockley Photonics
(Helsingin Sanomat 25 Jan 2015, D9)
Markku Hirvonen / +358-50-62129

Rockley Photonics