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National Photonics Industry Survey

National Photonics Industry survey is focused on photonics industry growth, education, and development. Previous photonics industry survey was released in 2016 which pointed out that the photonics industry in Finland is significantly growing during the upcoming years. Now the National Photonics Industry 2018 survey will update the information regarding on companies growth and also point out the needs for the development, employment, and education. This survey is executed by Photonics Finland and Joensuu Science Park and it will be open for all photonics companies in Finland.

This survey will significantly support the review for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland regarding on photonics industry situation and the needs. This review is prepared with the purpose to provide the latest and the trustworthy information for improving the next government programs planning and providing the basis for the EU decision makers.

For the Finnish photonics, it is very important that as many as possible photonics companies in Finland will participate in this survey. The results provide significant information to be presented in Finland and other parts of EU regarding on growth and development of the photonics industry in Finland. 


All the survey information will be handled confidentially. The company information will not be shared, published or used individually. The released results of this survey are compilations of information from all the participated companies. Joensuu Science Park privacy statement:


You can find the survey HERE or

Please submit your answers 12th October 2018, 4PM at the latest.

If any questions, contact Juha Purmonen, or call +358503543832.

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