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Photonics Finland member company Hypermemo is hiring – 2 open positions

Hypermemo Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets GLAZER – a breakthrough laser system for glass processing. The company introduces to the market its unique laser source and the process automation machinery based on it, which enables GLAZER to process different types of glass.

More information from both positions please contact CEO Vadim Kiyko, tel. +358405896941, email.
Location: Joensuu, Finland


The position overview:
The mechatronics engineer is one of the key positions in our R&D team, and will add significant value to the development of GLAZER industrial-grade equipment. The scope of work will include mechanical design of industrial mechatronic systems, supervision of outsourced manufacturing operations and participation in systems testing and validation. The candidate should demonstrate good knowledge of the industrial automation field and manufacturing technologies.
The position is office-based in Joensuu, Finland. The workload is initially part-time, with perspective of growing to full-time and to a group lead position.

Position Responsibilities:
• Analyze complex mechatronic systems in industrial/materials processing applications
• Collaborate with the team on specification of components of mechatronic systems
• Develop mechanical design of components based on specifications
• Support and provide acceptance of outsourced manufacturing operations
• Validate performance of components against specifications
• Support functional safety analysis of mechatronic systems
• Participate in assembly and testing of systems.

Required Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Automation Engineering
• Minimum of 5 years experience in mechanical design and industrial automation systems engineering and conceptual design
• Good knowledge of mechanical components manufacturing
• Exposure to materials processing technologies is a plus
• Exposure to laser and especially IFOV systems is a plus
• Strong SolidWorks skills
• Finnish and English verbal and written communication skills are critical.


The position overview:
The industrial automation systems engineer will play a key role in the development of GLAZER laser glass-processing industrial-grade equipment. The candidate will be responsible for design, implementation, testing, debugging, and deployment of hardware and PLC software.
We are looking for a professional with broad knowledge of industrial automation field and the full development stack.
The position is full-time, office-based in Joensuu, Finland.

Position Responsibilities:
• Conceptual design of 3-axis precision linear positioning systems for laser materials processing applications
• System-level design of 3-axis precision linear positioning systems, assembly, programming and testing in collaboration with the team. Oversee building and installation.
• Design of pneumatic systems
• Design of electrical systems for automatic machinery.
• Sourcing of relevant hardware components
• G-code post processor development for CAM software
• Produce and design an implementation that is secure, reliable, robust, maintainable, and efficient
• Collaborate with the team to define, design, and ship new features.

Required Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Industrial automation or related technical field
• Minimum of 5 years experience in manufacturing automation systems engineering and conceptual design, especially high-speed linear stages and PLCs
• Knowledge of control engineering
• Experience with Hiwin equipment is strongly preferred
• Knowledge of G-code and CLData, applicable to development of G-code post processors for CAM systems.
• PCB design and MC programming skills are desirable
• SolidWorks working skills are desirable
• Experience with industrial lasers and materials processing is a plus
• English verbal and written communication skills are critical.