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Laser World of Photonics 2021 Photonics Finland pavilion Registration is now open!

LASER World of PHOTONICS is a trade fair for innovative technology that focuses on the entire range of existing applications. Because it deals with a key crossover technology, LASER also addresses other important industrial sectors such as material processing, measuring, testing and inspection, optical data transmission and lasers in medicine.

LASER`s special significance is due to its unique combination of users, laser-source manufacturers and system suppliers.
Laser World of Photonics 2021 will be organized June 21-24 2021.

Photonics Finland have been organizing the Finnish Pavilion for several years together with PF-member companies to provide an easy and more affordable access for companies to join the exhibition but also to get more visibility for the Finnish Photonics companies together.

Registration for Laser World of Photonics 2021 are done by filling out this form. The registration is binding and registered companies are liable for all Pavilion arrangement costs after the full registration for the upcoming Exhibition is made for Messe München. By registering company accepts these terms. If company wants to decline their registration after the Messe München registration they are liable for all pavilion arrangement costs if declining company or Photonics Finland can´t find a new company to take the existing place. In these cases Photonics Finland is always trying to find the best solution for everyone.

When registering companies are listed to the registration order which is used when selecting booth places in the Photonics Finland Pavilion. So the first to register get to select booth place first.

Companies are responsible of arranging their flights, accommodation, parcel shipments, taking care of timetables, adding individual company information / exhibitor pass registration for Messe München exhibitor service and providing Photonics Finland the necessary information regarding of the pavilion structure arrangements.

Photonics Finland is responsible of all the pavilion arrangements before and during the Laser World of Photonics 2021 Exhibition. Photonics Finland Pavilion will be arranged when there are at least 4 companies joining. All the billing from pavilion arrangements to joining companies comes through Photonics Finland for joining companies.

Previous years approximately costs per company including floor space and structural services have been around 4000EUR with 8 companies joining. The costs depends on amount of joining companies, pavilion floor space size, structures selected by companies and extra services taken. Photonics Finland organizing fee is 300€ per PF-member company and 600€ for non member companies. Business Finland provides Exhibition Explorer grant which can be applied up to 50% of the exhibition costs.

Please make your registration HERE.
For more information contact tuukka.pakarinen(a) or call +358 50 313 5930