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Photonics Finland – Modulight is the Photonics Company of the Year 2019

Photonics Finland has selected Modulight, Inc., who specialize  in lasers and optics for medical devices, as the Photonics Company of the Year 2019. Their newest innovation is a medical laser device for treatments of cancer.

The award was nominated by Finnish photonics industry association, Photonics Finland. The theme for the award is changing each year, this years theme was Innovation with social impact. The selection was based on significant long-term work affecting people’s well-being. The photonics industry is growing strongly and Modulight is an excellent example of the industry’s strong development and the high level of companies in Finland. 

”We have designed and manufactured semiconductor lasers in Tampere for twenty years, and medical laser applications have been a significant part of our business for many years. The medical laser devices are products that can significantly benefit many patients worldwide. The commercialization of innovations requires time and support, and the Finnish Photonics Community has played an important role in supporting long-term growth offering networking and partnerships. Highlighting signifcant themes for industry benefits both companies and organizations. Advocates of photonics are needed,”says Seppo Orsila, CEO of Modulight, Inc.

Since 2016, Photonics Finland has awarded Finnish photonics companies for exemplary promotion in the field, as well as for achievements that improve operations. The Photonics Company of the Year award aims to highlight the role of photonics as a significant enabling and multidimensional technology. Additionally to the field of health technology, lasers can be used in many industrial and telecommunications applications.

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Executive Director of Photonics Finland

Juha Purmonen

+358 50 354 3832

Modulight Oy yhteystiedot

Seppo Orsila

+358 40 830 4671