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MedPhab: Open call for medical developing companies

MedPhabthe first European pilot line for photonics-based medical devices with support from the H2020 programme of the EU, is organizing an Open Call for demo-case projects for companies developing medical products. The objective of the Open Call is to provide technology development services for companies that are adopting advanced photonics technologies in the medical diagnostics solutions.

MedPhab offers a wide range of photonics technologies to be applied in in-vitro diagnostics, personalized medicine and  in hospital use. The MedPhab consortium consists of research organization and industrial parties with ISO13485 certificate allowing the seamless development from early phase proof-of-concept to regulated pilot production. Depending on the phase and the nature of the development, the most suitable MedPhab party or parties are selected as developer.

Photonics Finland member VTT represents the Finnish Expertise in MedPhab community.

If you are interested in learning more about MedPhab and how to participate in the Open Call please visit website or join the next webinar on MedPhab’s operations and Open Call will be organized on June 3rd. Please use this LINK to register to the webinar.

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