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Photonics Finland – Employee updates

In recent years Photonics Finland has been growing significantly and currently there are 96 company and societal members and over 200 individual, student, or organization side members. With growth comes responsibility to offer even better service for all of our members. For improving services Photonics Finland has recruited two new full-time employees during 2020 and 2021.

PhD Ana Gebejes started in August 2020 working for Photonics Finland and is responsible for managing all of Photonics Finland projects but also applying for the new ones. Previously she has been working as a project manager in Epic Challenge education program which was originally launched by NASA.

Tuukka Pakarinen has started in June 2021 as a full-time Communications and Exhibitions Manager in Photonics Finland. Tuukka has already been working five years in Photonics Finland as a part time Communications Manager by creating communications content for social media, web-pages and newsletter, also photos and videos. He will continue working with events and producing Photonics Finland Pavilions in Photonics West and Laser World of Photonics exhibitions. Also Tuukka will be in charge of Photonics Finland membership register and OPD exhibition.