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Applications of Photonics Hybrid Lectures hosted by Jyrki Saarinen

UEF’s popular Photonics Master of Science -program’s course Applications of Photonics will be held this year as a series of hybrid lectures hosted by Professor Jyrki Saarinen in UEF’s Joensuu campus and online in Microsoft Teams. The course is organized in collaboration with PREIN flagship and Photonics Finland.

Applications of Photonics -lectures focus on practical applications of photonics from an industrial point of view. Key professionals from various companies give presentations regarding their businesses, technologies & applications in 30-minute lectures, and participants can discuss the themes further in the following 15-minute Q&A sessions. A total of 22 companies are invited, each from a distinct sub field of photonics. The lectures are also included in the Month of PhotonicsPSRS Industrial Days and IMLEX Days.

While the course is officially scheduled for 25.10.-13.12., the company lectures start on 28.10. at 12:15 in Joensuu Campus, Metria building, room M102. Moreover, two presentations are held in various locations and online three times per week until 25.11. as follows:
Mondays 14:15-16:00
Wednesdays 10:15-12:00

Thursdays 12:15-14:00

The lectures will be given in English, and streamed online via Microsoft Teams. Participation on lectures is free and open for everyone, though mandatory for students taking the course.

Register to the course via WebOodi

Updated information regarding the lectures, presentation locations & Teams links will be published at:

In case you have questions regarding the course or the lectures, please contact
Jussi Ahonen
Teaching Assistant
+358 50 473 3151


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