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Photonics West 2022 – Photonics Finland Pavilion Co-sponsoring options available!

Photonics Finland will join to Photonics West 2022 with 11 companies. Photonics Finland Pavilion will be located at Hall F, Booth #5319 (See here). 

Now Photonics Finland sponsorships are available for purchase! *Deadline to inform 10th December*

  • Pricing is 75€ for Photonics Finland members and 100€ for non members (+VAT). The profits will be used for the Photonics Finland pavilion refreshments. 

Sponsorhip package includes: 

  • Logo (approx 15×20 cm) to the Pavilion meeting area wall
  • Two slides for the marketing video presented in the Pavilion meeting area TV (55”) OR (15 sec video such as demo with logo etc.)
  • Brochures to the meeting area shelf (will be placed below the logo-wall) (company brings or delivers brochures)
  • Possibility to use the Photonics Finland pavilion meeting area for short meetings (when there are places available, pavilion companies are in priority).

    + Possibility to enjoy the great Photonics West + Team Finland atmosphere and to network with our Pavilion companies and organizations!

For more information and to purchase your sponsorship package please contact Tuukka Pakarinen, or call +358 50 313 5930. 

Remember to book your sponsorship 10th December at the latest!