Photonics Finland and PREIN in SuomiAreena 2022

Photonics Finland and PREIN flagship will organize a SuomiAreena discussion on 13th July 12:00 – 12:45 in Pori, Finland. All SuomiAreena discussions are streamed live, and can be watched at any time at

SuomiAreena is a concept that aims to promote the opportunity for every Finn to participate in the debate on social, economic and political issues. SuomiAreena raises important topics and ideas for the whole society.

SuomiAreena consists of two elements: 1) SuomiAreena festival week in Pori: the largest societal discussion festival in Finland 2) SuomiAreena Goes: a pop-up societal discussion event

Starting in 2022 SuomiAreena is looking for deeds, which make our society a better place to live in. SuomiAreena calls applicants, listens to the ideas and deeds, and selects the best applications for the programme. All kinds of organisations can apply to organize a discussion event.

Posted by Tuukka Pakarinen