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Cities take the lead in strengthening innovation ecosystems in Finland

Lead projects promote partnerships between regions in the development of the digital green transition and future technologies.

Sustainable energy, industry, models of production and consumption and health and wellbeing in life are the common themes of the ecosystem agreements of the InnoCities.

The idea behind the lead projects is to supplement and strengthen the common competence and joint development of the regions. Cooperation increases the international visibility of Finnish competence as cities and operators compete for foreign experts and RDI investments.

In addition to ecosystem agreements, the themes are developed in group projects led by RDI operators in Lappeenranta, Kokkola, Tampere, Joensuu, Oulu and Jyväskylä.

There are six lead projects that promote innovation and business in the following themes: green electrification, battery chemistry, mobile work machines, photonics, sports and digital health and wellbeing technologies.

– The projects promote cooperation and division of labour between competence clusters in order to achieve innovation-driven growth. The themes emphasise the strengthening of competence, anticipation and innovation activities, the development of new technologies and the promotion of interregional and international partnerships,” says Petri Peltonen, Chair of the National Steering Group. 

Lead projects:

  • Expertise network of battery chemistry
  • Digital health knowledge network
  • Photonics innovation ecosystem in cities – Joensuu, Tampere and Oulu
  • Green electrification and hydrogen ecosystem stewardship
  • Sport Finland ecosystem – platform for RDI of sport and wellbeing growth
  • Platform of excellence for Finnish knowhow in twin transition of mobile work machines (SIXPoE)

Each lead project brings together operators from at least three InnoCities. The lead projects are two-year projects. The themes developed in the projects are based on ecosystem agreements signed between the central government and 16 urban areas. 

The innovative cities and communities are involved in creating for Finland the world’s most effective environment for experiments and innovations by 2030 as part of the InnoCities community!

Further information:

Riina Pulkkinen, Development Manager, tel. +358 40 708 0178,
Elina Hykkönen, Financial Affairs, tel. +358 50 326 1500,