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APPLY for Photonics21 – Innovation Award 2023

Photonics21 established this dedicated Innovation Challenge to push for more entrepreneurship in photonics. The Photonics21 Innovation Award addresses PhD students, master students, young entrepreneurs, and makers alike who have an idea for a photonics product that can transform into a real business or product. This idea can be already described in a Master or PhD thesis or in a business plan or the like. Any person active in the field of optics and photonics, may apply for the “Photonics21 Innovation Award”. The application phase is now open! Deadline for delivery 15th February 2023.

The conditions for eligibility are:

  1. You have a product idea
  2. Or you have a product to be developed further
  3. The idea/product has potential for application in industry
  4. The idea/product is innovative
  5. The idea/product is presented in English
  6. Submissions may be entered by individuals or teams

Fill in your application and send your documents now! 
You will find any further details as well as the application form on the contest website.