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Time to collaborate with European colleagues? 60 000 Euro is waiting for you!

Why are the EU commission funding projects? 

There are many companies who would benefit from co-operations and to enable that the EU commission offers fundings through PIMAP4Sustainability for SMEs who are willing to work bi-lateral. A team of at least two SMEs from different European countries can apply. 

What type of projects can be funded?

PIMAP4Sustainability will support projects with focus on applications of photonics, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing, towards three application markets: aerospace, metalworking, and industrial production. The projects should aim at better sustainability (ecological, economic, and social).

The TRL level shall be 5-8 (innovative lab to market) and the work should be 6 – 9 months. 

How can I do if I don’t have a partner so apply with? 

If you don’t have a SME partner to apply with, there will be a digital matchmaking event at March 14th. At the matchmaking event you will be connected to other SMEs who also are looking for partners. You’ll have a chance to meet and talk to many different potential partners at the matchmaking, and when you’ve met the one you want to work with, you’ll work on the application together 

What type of activities can we apply for?

PIMAP4Sustainability will allow within its funded projects a wide range of activities, for example

  • Develop prototypes
  • Test innovative solutions on end user’s facilities 
  • Validation of technologies by research centres 
  • Any other activities tied to development of innovative projects

When can I apply?

The Open Call for Applicants of the Innovation scheme will be open from 1st March and 03rd May 2023

When can I learn more?

A digital information meeting is held February 23rd  at this link.

About Pimap4Sustainability

Photonics for International Markets and Applications for Sustainability (PIMAP4Sustainability) -project strengthen European manufacturing industry (SMEs) in adaptation of new photonics technologies, services and products in the sectors of Metalworking, Aerospace, Digital and Electronics.

PIMAP4Sustainability develop and implement new tools and actions from funding opportunities to training and new partner networks, to drive forward agile green- and digital transition of industry. 

PIMAP4Sustainability partners